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The practice can advise on associated Landlord & Tenant Act matters, thus providing a complete service of the highest calibre. The specialist field of rent reviews and lease renewals is handled by an experienced team of chartered surveyors, well versed in the complex case and statute law which surround rent reviews and lease renewals.

Christo & Co. is most active in London and the Home Counties. However, our network of contacts, and a staff of individuals who have had experience throughout the United Kingdom, enables us to deal with properties anywhere in the country.

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The rent payable on your property is one of the single largest cost that faces you and your business. The opportunity to minimize this cost only occurs every few years. It is therefore vitally important to act when the time arises. In the past, you may have negotiated the new terms yourself. You may believe you have achieved a good result, but have you considered whether it was the best result?

  • Where you able to spend sufficient time in negotiations; or did your usual business commitments take priority?
  • Are you certain that you had taken full account of the standard and condition of the premises, and the services provided?
  • Did you properly account for variation in lease terms?
  • Are you confident that you fully considered the impact of the extensive case and statute law available to you?
  • Did you properly assess the impact of proceeding to a determination by an Arbitrator or Independent Expert? Would you have achieved better results at a court hearing?

Clearly the complexity of this process requires a specialist level of expertise. Christo & Co. can offer this expertise. The Rent Review and Lease Renewal Department deal with these matters every day of the week.

The Property

A complete understanding of the property involved is essential. Location, prominence and accessibility have an immediate impact on rent. An inspection of the property will reveal hidden advantages and disadvantages. Repairing liability, quality of natural light, and efficiency of services, will all affect the value of the building. In addition, accurate measurements and detailed notes on alterations and improvements will have a major effect on the level or rent payable.

The Lease

We constantly consider the implications of user clauses, alienation clauses, and restrictive covenants, as well as all other aspects of your lease, because all these factors can have an effect on the final rental payable. Specialist advice is required from the start, particularly when the strict timetables contained in most leases need to be adhered to if severe penalties are to be avoided. Changes in case and statute law occur almost weekly. They must not be ignored, as these changes can have considerable effect on the rental level.


It is inevitable that in some cases, agreement cannot be reached, and negotiations deteriorate. Consequently, the matter will be referred to an Independent Expert or an Arbitrator, or in the case of Lease Renewals, to County Court. Christo & Co. have considerable experience in dealing with the complicated procedure surrounding such disputes. Indeed, members of the firm regularly act as expert witnesses for such disputes.

The Service On Offer

While you may think that you could negotiate a satisfactory result, do you have the comparable evidence, legal knowledge and all round property experience to achieve the best result? Before commencing negotiations, we discuss with clients the rental levels, lease terms and the tactics to be employed. We will provide you with regular and consistent reports to keep you advised of our progress at all times. At Christo & Co. we have the all round experience and professional standards (including ISO 9001 registered), so that whatever the property, our understanding of the factors involved enables us to achieve the best possible results for you and your business.

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